Secure Destruction & Shredding

Secure Destruction & Shredding

At Cube Records Management Services we offer a secure and confidential record shredding and destruction service. This not only frees up space by decluttering redundant records but also eliminates the risk of sensitive records getting into the wrong hands.

Cube RMS's record shredding and destruction services:

  • We collect your paper/physical records in our own fleet of vehicles and return them to our secure site.
  • We offer a day-to-day collection service, a regular weekly/monthly or even a periodical one-off collection service, depending on your requirements.
  • The records that need to be destroyed are then shredded, compacted and put into bales, which are pulped before they are recycled.
  • Should you need alternate items such as computer media/film & X-rays destroyed, these items will be shredded, any solvents will be reclaimed and then the remains are incinerated to ensure complete record destruction.
  • All destructions will be documented with a “Certificate of Destruction” to certify the complete physical destruction of the records concerned.

To learn more about Cube RMS and our secure record shredding and destruction services please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2668.

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