Documents Storage

Documents Storage

Documents storage is the core service at Cube Records Management Services. We know the importance of safely storing important documents and records and are experts in this field.

Our Documents Storage Services:

  • Collection and transfer of your records to our own site can be arranged to suit you
  • Standard retrieval service: Order by 15:00 for next day delivery
  • Priority same day record retrieval service: Order by 11:00 for same day delivery
  • Emergency records retrieval service: We are able to offer this service based on 2 to 4 hours from request depending upon location.
  • All transportation is undertaken using vehicles from our company fleet
  • Storage in our specialist record storage facility
  • Highly secure, with strict access control
  • Easy tracking via our online database
  • Regular or immediate access to your records is easily accessed through online request system
  • Secure disposal of your records - shred, recycle or destroy upon request

For more information about our documents storage service, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2668.

Find out more about how we secure your documents.