Recover Office Space with Cube Records Management Services

Recover Office Space with Cube Records Management Services

2017 is coming to a close and offices will be filled with stacks of documents and files that have not been opened all year.

The questions are:
When did you last look at your files from 2016?
Are they just sitting there being a distraction to today’s important work?
Or do you have an excessive number of filing cabinets and boxes taking up valuable office space?

If you are asking why you are holding on to aging paperwork then Cube Records Management Services is the answer.
Cube Records Management has a special place to hold all those files and documents that are rarely needed or the authorities require you to retain for any number of years.

Using robust, professional archive boxes Cube RMS safely secures every item and records its location on our miles of shelving for fast retrieval. When you do need to refer to a particular file or document held by Cube then we guarantee a two hour retrieval service. A little longer if you want us to deliver it to your desk.

With thousands of archive boxes in store the Cube facility is protected by four layers of security to prevent intrusion, stop unauthorised access to sensitive and valuable materials and minimise risks from accidental damage or destruction.

A further feature of the Cube RMS service is its secure and confidential record shredding process. All disposals are documented with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ to confirm the paperwork no longer exists. And, all the material is pulped and returned safely into the environment.

To discover how Cube RMS can help you clear your office space and protect your rarely needed paperwork please contact us or call 0800 027 2668.

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