Preserve And Protect Your Information and Assets

Preserve And Protect Your Information and Assets

Increase Security by Storing Your Records Off Site With CubeRMS!

All businesses face one common problem - enormous amounts of data to account and manage! With some businesses having to keep documents for a minimum of five years, storage space can become a major issue. Especially if you’ve been in business for a long time and have been retaining copies of important documents since the business started operating.

Truth be told, it can be extremely cumbersome to manage years and years of paperwork on-site. Luckily, businesses now have more options and are switching to storing their important documents off-site!

Safety of your documents is paramount

Our purpose built facility is built and designed to ensure maximum security of our client’s most confidential document. Equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring at all areas, including all entry and exit points with strict access control and humidity controlled storage environments. Giving our clients utmost security of their documents.

With off-site storage, you can ensure the confidentiality of your records are safeguarded and the only people who are able to gain access to see these records are authorised to do so away from prying eyes. With our smoke detectors to BS5839 and redcare linked intruder and fire alarms, your records are protected against potential catastrophes and disasters.

Easily Access your Records

Save time when you store with us, we will have them catalogue, categorised and barcoded to easily identify and retrieve when you need them. Just drop us a request!

Store your records off-site with us

We’ve worked with clients from all sectors ranging from; legal, medical, finance and government institution. They’ve all benefited from our bespoke records management system. We strive to provide our clients with the highest possible levels of service at the best prices!

Records and information are the lifeblood of any organisation. Managing and protecting these valuable assets is a must. Store them with us in our highly secure purpose built facility designed to ensure maximum security of your files containing sensitive and confidential information. Relocate your records to our secure off-site records storage facilities today.

If you would like to learn more about our records management service or specifically about our facility please contact us or call 0800 027 2668.

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