Medical Records Storage, Destruction & Management

Medical Records Storage, Destruction & Management

Store medical records securely and confidentially with Cube Record Management Service

Whether you're a healthcare professional, service provider, or part of the NHS Trust Organisation, all your medical records and health information must be compliant with the Care Quality Commission CQC guidelines in order to shield patients' confidential information and avoid costly fines or lawsuits. In addition, by keeping medical records confidential and accessible to only authorised staff members, incidents such as documents misplaced, lost or ruined will be avoided. 

Data Compliance

Data protection legislation defines a health record as "information relating to someone's physical or mental health that has been made by (or on behalf of) a health professional". Health records which are classified as the aforementioned must be protected manually or by computerised records. 

According to national guidance on NHS records management, medical records must be retained for a certain amount of time. In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, minimum length of retention of GP records is 10 years after death and 3 years after death for Scotland. As for mental health documents, the retention time is considerably longer or even double that of the GP records. 

Store medical records securely and confidentially with Cube Record Management Services

Cube Records Management guarantees to comply with GDPR and Data Protection regulations when providing off-site records storage and management services.  We understand the significance of safely storing and managing important documents. Rest assured that your records are in safe hands!

Secure Shredding & Destruction

Confidential shredding and destruction is extremely important to prevent information or sensitive records leaking or falling into the wrong hands. At the end of the shredding and destruction process, we will issue a “Certificate of Destruction” so that clients are certified that the required papers are disposed of. 

Offsite Data Management & Media Storage

As digital, data and technology is an indispensable part of today’s businesses; off-site business data storage is an excellent investment to safeguard offline information, protecting them against hackers and disaster level scenarios. In addition, we also offer computer backups re-delivery and collection when requested.

Cube Records Management provides bespoke medical storage, management and destruction with utmost level of care and dedication.

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