Keep your company information confidential and safe with CubeRMS!

Keep your company information confidential and safe with CubeRMS!

We guarantee total privacy of your documents in our highly secured storage facility.

Trust us to keep your trade secrets and sensitive business information safe! Our service includes professionally archiving your company’s irreplaceable documents as well as providing you with secure and confidential record shredding and destruction, all conducted within a state-of-the-art facility offering complete protection and optimum storage conditions for all your records.

Safeguard your sensitive records!

  1. Secure Document Storage

Our facility is equipped with 24 Hours CCTV monitoring, remote access control gate and perimeter fencing with key pad access to each individual storage unit. As added measures, we have also installed smoke detectors and 3 phase generators to ensure continuity of business should there be a power failure ensuring our climate control is always up and running keeping your documents safe from damage caused by extreme weather such as heat, humidity and freezing temperatures!

Declutter redundant records!

  1. Secure Destruction & Shredding

Eliminate the risk of sensitive records falling into wrong hands! With our secure destruction service, you can be certain your confidential data will be destroyed and shredded. We use our own fleet of vehicles to collect the records from you and after they are shredded at our facility we will compact and pulped them before recycling. For computer media, film and X-Rays we will incinerate the remnants to ensure a complete record destruction. We will also issue a “Certificate of Destruction” to certify complete physical destruction.  

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Keep your company information confidential and safe with CubeRMS!

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