Is Records Management Just for Large Businesses?

Is Records Management Just for Large Businesses?

How do you know if your business needs proper legal document storage?

In essence, records management is vital for ALL businesses big or small. Professional and proper legal document storage will provide a history of activities and transactions, as well as maintain continuity, benefiting all companies and organisations regardless of size.

According to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), many accountants and lawyers are advised to keep original business documents for six years; as that’s the statute of limitations for many lawsuits, tax audits and other possible claims.  You can read more, here.

This type of legal document storage applies to both small-scale and large enterprises. 

It is important to remember that document archiving is most effective when it is practised throughout the entire organisation, not just in individual departments. But with that being said, how do you know if your business needs proper legal document storage?

Try going through the checklist below:

  • Office space is crowded with filing cabinets.
  • Filing systems are no longer able to contain growing volumes of records.
  • Too much time spent on waiting or searching for documents.
  • Unauthorised individuals can have access to important documents and can discard them freely.
  • No protection for vital records.
  • Documents stored in an unstable environment due to humidity or insects, etc.
  • A lawsuit or audit yields negative outcomes which a better document archive system could have avoided. 

At Cube Records Management, we tailor our service according to our clients’ specific requirements. Our services include:

  • Documents storage
  • Secure destruction & shredding
  • Media storage & off-site data management

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