How To Protect Your Records & Documents in Coworking Spaces

How To Protect Your Records & Documents in Coworking Spaces

Here’s the best 5 tips to guarantee document protection in shared workspaces.

Post pandemic, many businesses have reviewed their need and use of work space together with reorganising work practices. A trend is emerging from this rethink - according to Mordor Intelligence, nearly half of UK enterprises plan to downsize within the next five years to incorporate more flexible, serviced, or coworking spaces into how they operate. 

Fueled by the flexibility it provides, coworking is also an increasingly sought after option for  employees working remotely.  If you’re considering a coworking space for employees, it pays to be mindful of how to protect confidential data and documentation to avoid the possibility of potential data breaches in off site office environments.

Here’s the best 5 tips to guarantee document protection:

1. Clean desk policy

Consider including a clean desk policy to your workplace practices to make sure that confidential data is not left in public view when an employee leaves the workspace. Before leaving their desks for a break or a meal, remind colleagues to lock their computers with strong passwords and file papers away.

2. View confidential documents in private area

Being in a communal working space means that you’ll work with others in close proximity. Viewing confidential information in a less populated or private area will lessen the chance of a data breach. A screen privacy filter will be helpful in blocking your computer or laptop screens from unwanted viewers.

3. Retrieve printed documents immediately

Coworking office spaces often provide shared printers for clients. Retrieve printed papers as soon as possible to avoid your confidential document being misplaced or accidentally viewed.

4. Careful shredding & destruction

Throwing personal, financial, or health records in the rubbish bin is not going to be sufficient, neither is this advisable off-site. Equip your main office workplace with a paper shredding machine, or consider a professional shredding and destruction service.

5. Use your business wifi or VPN

It’s not unknown for hackers to steal sensitive data via free wi-fi. A virtual privacy network (VPN) will protect your identity from prying internet eyes, even if you’re using public or shared wi-fi.

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