How Cube Records Management Service Helps Your Business!

How Cube Records Management Service Helps Your Business!

Discover the benefits of using archival storage

Do you find your office in a constant state of overflowing shelves and filing cabinets? It’s completely understandable! With every passing year businesses accumulate more and more files in order to retain and keep important documents such as financial reports, client files, contracts and other legal documentation.

It’s time to consider Cube’s Records Management Services to store all your business documents.

Benefits include;

1. Frees up office space

By moving your documents into our storage facility, you will be able to free up space in your office. That means more space for you and the team! With a conducive workplace contributing to greater work efficiency, you would gain much more than just the rental cost savings on our affordable and flexible rates.

2. Easy Retrieval

Your documents may be safely stored, but they are never out of reach. Our scan-back management solution ensures that your productivity is helped, not hindered – by off-site storage. Simply drop us a request via our online portal and we will scan the requested document and send it to you directly.

3. Ensuring Security and Complete Privacy

Here at Cube RMS , documents are scanned by our vetted staff members, so your privacy remains protected. Once your document has been scanned it will be returned to our secure storage facility equipped with 24/7 CCTV, access control and security. Should you request for your documents to be delivered to you, we will send them over using our company fleet.

4. Security

Our purpose built facility has been designed to ensure maximum security and safety to meet the requirements of all clients with 24 hour CCTV covering all areas and perimeter fencing. Rest assured, all transportation of your documents is undertaken using vehicles from our company fleet.

There’s just so many good reasons to using CubeRMS for your business, reclaim your office space today!

Get in touch with us our consultants are ready to help!

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