Can the way businesses store documents impact on business growth?

Can the way businesses store documents impact on business growth?

In today’s world, records and information are the basis of every decision, and the life and blood of every organisation.

Poor records management does not only act as a catalyst for the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of service delivery, but also inhibit the development process of organisations. 

On the other hand, effective legal document storage and records management help corporations to maintain competitiveness and increase accountability, integrity, and transparency. In other words, it saves time, money, effort and other resources. 

A few ways that improper document and records management can leave a negative effect on the business:

1. Records being put in a disorderly manner lead to difficulties to find and locate when needed.

2. Time-consuming and inefficient for employees to find files manually, take them away from their actual jobs.

3. Could potentially lead to an increase in stress level since the sharing of information between workers become unnecessarily challenging.

4. Valuable office space is being occupied to store an excessive and unnecessary amount of paperwork, forcing the company to pay premium for business storage. 

5. Risk of an accidental or purposely information leak.

6. Records could potentially be lost, buried or misplaced as they are not secured against humidity, fire, flood, insect, burglary, etc.

7. Could not present proper report to satisfy end-users such as shareholders, company directors, creditors, investors, external auditors and other interested parties.

8. At risk of being fined during an audit, or at-fault breach by keeping records beyond the retention date.

Nevertheless, all of these can be avoided by opting for a Records Management service with us at Cube Records Management. We offer a single point of contact solution to customers, and we guarantee to tailor our service according to our clients’ specific requirements.

Our services include:

  • Documents storage

  • Secure destruction & shredding

  • Media storage & off-site data management

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