3 Steps to Protect your Company Records

3 Steps to Protect your Company Records

It’s your responsibility to protect your company’s data.

You would be surprised by how many records a company produces in a day, moreover in a year for both print and digital! So, what happens to all this data? Companies should file, document and store them as standard. After all, it is required by law to retain all these documents for up to six years!

Here are 3 Important Steps to take to protect your company’s records.

Step 1: Knowing what you have to do under the data protection law

  • The Data Protection Act and newly legislated GDPR. This is a set of principles which companies, businesses and organisations need to adhere to in order to keep a person’s data safe, secure and lawful. Under this Act, data should be:
  1. Kept safe and secure

  2. Used only within the confines of the law

  3. Stored following people’s data protection rights

However, under the new GDPR, a person has the right to:

  1. Know what information you have on them

  2. Demand that their information be deleted

  3. Request that data isn’t used for certain purposes

The types of data mentioned are employee records, customer contact details, bank details, credit card details and health information.

Step 2: Understand how to efficiently protect your records

  • For physical documents, use filing cabinets and adopt a proper filing system. Stay on top of things by knowing where each file is kept! However, for digital documents save the files in a secure server with a strong encryption system to prevent hacking. Always remember to properly dispose of these documents by shredding and erasing the hard drives!

Step 3: Take measures to secure your documents

  • Physical Security - Storing in your office, no problem! Always check if the area your office is situated in is safe and secure. If there has been reported cases of break-ins in your area, it is best to consider employing security guards and installing alarms or CCTV to deter any unwanted burglaries.

  • Data Security -  Restrict access to sensitive documents by setting up passwords and installing firewalls, security software and virus prevention software to block spam, malware, spyware, network attacks and intrusions.


Failure to comply can have serious consequences! By violating this act your business could be prosecuted and you could face fines up to £500,000 or worst a prison sentence!

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