3 Reasons Why Legal Document Storage is Important  to Law Firms and Solicitors

3 Reasons Why Legal Document Storage is Important to Law Firms and Solicitors

Discover the benefits of legal document storage for your law firm.

Stepping into a lawyer’s office is like entering a paper war zone! It is common to see client’s documents, law books, papers and filing cabinets everywhere. With so many documents used in law practice such as pleading documents, discovery documents, forms, letters and e-mails using a legal document records management service is integral for the smooth running of a law firm.

Here are 3 Key Benefits of using Cube Records Management Services (CubeRMS) for all your legal document storage needs.

1. Better Document Organisation

With CubeRMS, we will organise your documents for your easy retrieval making your searching of documents fast and simple! With our system you can quickly search for the document you are looking for by simply keying in the keywords of the document. This way, your legal associates will be able to access the files easily when needed. No more looking high and low for that case study, giving you and your legal advisors more time to prepare on presenting the case!

2. Secure Document Storage

Legal document security is of utmost importance to law firms and solicitors. Without a secure legal document storage records management system, you put your clients and law firm at a privacy risk. At CubeRMS, our purpose built facility has been designed to ensure maximum security and safety to meet the requirements of all our clients. Our storage facility is suitable for client files, closed matter, wills, death certificates, deeds, contract files, stamp duty, mortgage files and more! Cube RMS operates strict access control monitored by 24 hours CCTV.

3. Going Green for the Future

Go paperless. While many offices are opting to digitalise everything by putting them into cloud storage. We completely understand that with law firms, this is not entirely possible. That’s why, we believe with the help of a good legal document records management service we can help to turn paper documents and physical media into electronic files. With us, we will ensure your legal documents are well organised, indexed and well secured making legal document retrieval fast and easy!

It’s time to implement legal document storage at your law firm, if you haven’t already! Let’s get your law firm organised, accelerate the document retrieval process and protect the confidentiality of you and your clients with CubeRMS.

Trust us to keep your legal documents safely secured!

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