Give your business space to grow with CubeRMS

Give your business space to grow with CubeRMS

5 benefits of using records management services for your business.

Is your business over flowing with documents? With every passing year, more and more documents are stored - with some companies needing to retain important documents for up to six years! These files often end up taking up precious office space.

We have the ideal solution for you. Our Cube Records Management Services!

Here’s how document storage can help your business grow:

1. Accommodate the whole team comfortably

Is your office filled with wall to wall filing cabinets that are overflowing? Does it feel cramped and stuffy with paperwork covering desks, chairs and floors? It’s time to free up space by moving all of your important documents into our Cube document storage facility. After all, a conducive workplace contributes to greater work efficiency.

2. More space for stock and goods

With the files safely secured in our 24/7 CCTV monitoring, climate controlled storage facility, you will have more space at the office for your daily operations. From storing stock and goods to office equipment. If you require more office space, speak to us about our Cube Business Storage!

3. Saves you the hassles of moving office

By using our records management services, you won’t have to worry about looking for a new space or additional overhead costs. Only pay for the space you need! Plus, without impending moves, you won’t have the hassles of informing customers and suppliers of your new address lessening the risk of losing existing customers.

4. Effectively manage your records

Know where all your files are with our records management system, we will effectively and efficiently retrieve the records you need when you need it! This will reduce your employees search time by hours, letting them focus on more crucial tasks on hand at work. Rest assured, your items are safely stored but never out of reach.

5. Complete discretion and privacy

Here at Cube, we take your privacy seriously! Protect your staff and client’s personal information by preventing information leaks, breaches and legal issues! All transportation to and from our facility is undertaken using vehicles from our company fleet. Store with us knowing your important documents are safe and secure, away from prying eyes at our purpose built facility which has been designed to ensure maximum security.

What are you waiting for?

Reclaim your office space with Cube Records Management Services!

Contact us and get your free quote and tour of our facility today!

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