4 Top Tips for Choosing Cube Records Management Services for Your Business!

4 Top Tips for Choosing Cube Records Management Services for Your Business!

Organise your business documents wisely with Cube Records Management Services

Is your office running out of space? With business documents piling up here, there and everywhere? Every document is important from company records, sale invoices and employee records and filing these business documents is vital to a company’s business and bringing your company forward in months and years to come.

Over time, these documents can accumulate and become cluttered and messy. A great way to organise your business documents is by using Cube RMS.

Here’s four reasons why:

1. Easy access to all your documents

Free up valuable office floor space and store off-site. With Cube RMS you can do just that! We will professionally archive your business documents so you can easily retrieve them as you need them! We will store and send the required documents over to you at your request.

2. Easy tracking via our online database

Your documents may be safely stored, but they are never out of reach! With our easy and convenient request system via our online portal, any document can be found easily and quickly through our barcoded archive system. We will then, as per your request, scan the requested document and send it back to you directly.

3. Ensuring Security and Complete Privacy

Here at Cube RMS , documents are scanned by our vetted staff members, so your privacy remains protected. Once your document has been scanned it will be returned to our secure storage facility equipped with 24/7 CCTV, access control and security. Should you request for your documents to be delivered to you, we will send them over using our company fleet.

4. Insurance Coverage

At Cube Records Management Services , we ensure all the documents you store with us are covered with comprehensive insurance, giving you added peace of mind. For added protection, we have equipped our storage facility with intruder and fire alarms.

Speak to our friendly customer service staff to find out more about how convenient it is to store your documents with Cube Records Management Services, call us on 0800 027 2668.

We look forward to serving you!

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